How Clear Cutting Timber Impacts Land Value

Clear cutting, or the practice of removing ALL the trees from a property, can have a significant impact on land value.

Clear Cut Timber Tracts Are.... Kinda Ugly

One of the primary ways that clear cutting can affect land value is through the loss of aesthetic appeal. Trees and vegetation add beauty and character to a property. Their removal can make land appear barren and unattractive. Even the most prestigious timber companies leave a significant amount of timber debris and large ruts from the heavy trucks.

Not only does this look bad, but it makes the property much more difficult to walk through. This greatly impacts the number of potential buyers for the property.

Removing Timber = Removing Value

The loss of trees also impacts the total land value. The timber has value, and once the timber has been cut it can take new trees 30-70+ years to mature to the point that they can be harvested again.

If you don’t spend the money to replant new trees after harvesting, the land will not have as much marketable timber on it to harvest again in the future. Also, after a clear cut there are usually hundreds of tree stumps, making the clear cut land worth less than if it was just dirt.

Environmental Considerations

Finally, clear cutting can also have an impact on land value through the potential for soil erosion and impacts on water drainage. Trees and vegetation help to anchor the soil which prevents erosion, and the trees use rainfall which helps with soil absorption. This can be especially problematic if the land has some slope.

So Is It Worth It?

So, while clear cutting timber does put money in your pocket, you should consider all the potential issues that this may cause if you decide to sell the property. Consult with a reputable timber company and decide if clear cutting or another style of cut best suits your property.

-Ps. If you’d like a recommendation for a reputable timber company then send me a quick email. I’m in NO way affiliated with them, but happy to pass along the names of reputable companies.



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