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A few advantages of working with us include:


We pay 100% of your closing costs, title expenses and escrow fees.


We close with a title company or real estate attorney for a SAFE transaction.


We help you avoid agent commissions and unnecessary selling costs.


The price we agree on is the amount you will receive.


We commit to a fast closing timeline with an all CASH sale.


We Pay All Closing Costs
No Fees
No Agent Commissions

We Specialize in Helping Others Get Out of Sticky Land Situations

If you have inherited land, are looking to move, are behind on payments, owe liens, are trying downsize or just simply need a financial boost - we are here to take your unwanted land off your hands. Sell your property securely and efficiently.

Did you inherit a piece of land? While inheritances can be great, receiving a piece of vacant land with no plans to use it can be cumbersome. Let us put cash in your pocket!

Taxes are tough enough to deal with. It can be even worse to pay taxes on land you're not using. Owe back taxes? Chat with us about how we can help.

Is your land too far away to use? Off load your vacant land in the "middle of nowhere" and reinvest in something that works better for you.

Was your land listed with a real estate agent and sat on the market for months not selling? We purchase land quickly (usually 3-4 weeks from agreeing on a price).

Behind on your taxes or facing foreclosure? Contact us to chat about how we can help.

How our safe process works

Fill out this form or call/text us at 919-694-0990 to submit your property. We will receive your information and be in touch soon.

Professional Consultation

Professional Consultation

A Land Transaction Coordinator will reach out to discuss the details of your land. After our call, we complete our internal review process to prep your offer.


Get an Offer

Get an Offer

We will contact you by phone or email to present and discuss the offer amount. Once we have agreed on a final sales price, we will prepare a purchase agreement for your review and send it for your signature.


Close & Get Paid

Close & Get Paid

With a signed sales agreement, we begin the closing process and arrange a closing date with you. Leave all the work (and the fees!) to us. We close using a NC real estate attorney and funds are handled through escrow.


Secure Escrow Closings Give You Peace of Mind

We use a licensed North Carolina real estate attorney to facilitate the transaction. They also serve as the escrow agent, a neutral third party responsible for obtaining the funds prior to closing and transferring them to you after closing is complete.

This gives you peace of mind, knowing you will be paid at the end of the transaction.

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About Our Company

Here at The Land Duo, we specialize in purchasing vacant land properties. We live in North Carolina and purchase land across the state. We’ve successfully completed hundreds of land transactions. Our team is ready to guide you through the process and make it easy to sell your unwanted property.

Quick Closing Without Cutting Corners

If you choose to sell your property to us, we will use a licensed North Carolina real estate attorney to close the transaction. They also will act as an escrow agent, so you don’t have to worry about getting paid. We wire funds to the closing company prior to closing, and they will not complete the transfer of the property until your funds are received. Most of our transactions are closed in just a few weeks after we submit the purchase agreement to the closing company.

Want to Sell Your Property?

Whatever the reason you’re ready to sell your land (financial stress, life change, unwanted inheritance, etc), we’re here to help you trade your burdened land for cash. If you have mounting property taxes, we can take care of those for you and relieve this financial burden.

Selling land can often be difficult, long, and expensive process. With smaller buyer pools, fewer comparable properties, and fewer agents who understand land, selling your property can be very a frustrating process.

Let Us Earn Your Trust

So before you try selling the property yourself, why not give us an opportunity to review your property? We will make a fair offer for your land with consideration to any back taxes owed and our other investment criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! The Land Duo is a local team, and we know NC well. We’ve purchased land throughout North Carolina, and we pride ourselves in offering white glove service to make the process of selling your land as easy as possible. We use a North Carolina real estate attorney to facilitate the transaction, and the price we agree upon is the amount you will receive. We will walk you through the entire process of selling your land because we want you to feel comfortable working with us. We’re also happy to meet in person if you’d like!
No Way! We pay all closing costs (escrow or closing fees, title expenses, due diligence costs, etc). We pay outstanding property taxes (if any and at our discretion). The price we agree upon is the amount you will receive.
If you have more than one property to sell, we’d love to chat! Call/Text/Email to give us the information and we’ll take a look at all of them. 
That’s no problem!  Most of our closings are completed remotely for both parties. The closing company can mail your closing documents and instructions to your home.  You will have to travel to a nearby notary as some of the documents must be notarized. Notaries are usually found at your local bank or UPS Store. If needed, we can help arrange a mobile notary to come to your home.

Absolutely. Give us a call at 919-694-0990. We have a receptionist ready to pick up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also email us at Intake@LandDuo.com for a quick response.

Our goal is to have an offer back to you within a few business days. Sometimes it takes a little longer because we may need to contact the county or local utilities company to confirm due diligence information. Each property is unique, and we take our time to give you the best offer possible.

Since we purchase all properties with cash we are able to close quickly! Our typical transactions are completed in 3-4 weeks.

It is important for us to put your mind at ease during our transactions together. We always work with a local title company or attorney to handle the closing. They make sure all the correct documents are completed and send you payment for the property. Prior to closing, we will wire the funds to the closing company. They will not record the deed until they have received funds, they also will not disburse your funds until the signed deed has been recorded. In this way, both parties are protected.

Once the title company or closing attorney has completed the closing, they will send you your funds. You will arrange your form of payment with the title company or closing attorney directly.  Usually, you have the option to receive money by wire transfer or mailed check.

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